A master grower
in your home.

Grow like a pro.

Finely tuned automation nurtures plants from seed to harvest — and then drying and curing. HomeGrow has a complete array of environmental sensors that are constantly taking in data to optimize your grow.

Intelligent Automation

Every aspect of the grow process is automated: lighting, airflow, temperature control and irrigation.

Full Spectrum
LED Growlight

High-powered lighting is essential for fruitful harvests, which is why we chose a Samsung-Diode driven LED. Designed to save energy while maximizing quality.

LED Specs

100 Watt Dimmable LED

Meanwell Driver

Samsung LM281B+ Diodes

Full Spectrum (3500K, 5000K, 660nm, 730nm)

>100,000 hour lifespan

Precise Watering

The HomeGrow irrigation system combines the watering style a plant would experience in nature with the intelligence of reef Automation.

The custom drip irrigation ensures even watering across the soil basin. Driven by data from the soil sensor array and a precise pump that can dial in watering to the mililiter.

Natural Breeze

The HomeGrow is designed with an 8-fan directional airflow system to mimic natural wind patterns in the grow chamber. 

From mold prevention to stalk strength, proper air circulation keeps your plant healthy and strong.

Air Circulation Specs

8 Speed-Controlled Fans

4 Way Directional Air Control

Data Driven

The HomeGrow has an array of integrated environmental sensors that drive intelligent automation and deliver analytics and insights directly to you.

Sensor Suite

Air Temperature



Ultrasonic Plant Height

Water Level

Soil Weight

Door Open/Close

Privacy at the tap of a button.

The HomeGrow was designed to provide you peace of mind and that means security and discretion when you need it.

Fail-Safe Lock

Locking in extra peace of mind.

Privacy Shade

Protect your grow from prying eyes.

Carbon Filtration

Purifies flowery aromas.

App screen mock-up

Magic behind the grow.

What makes reef unique is the software behind the scenes. It's a modern tool integrated with powerful software to enhance your user experience.

Over the air updates.

The HomeGrow is Wi-Fi connected and we're always improving the automation as you grow.

As we gather data from our community of growers, your HomeGrow will automatically receive software updates to optimize for grow efficiency and quality.

Integrated MicroProcessor Specs

WiFi and Bluetooth® connectivity

Built-in grow automation algorithms

Adaptive environmental controls

Never grown?
No problem.

The reef grows app is your companion to get up and growing seamlessly, while helping you discover insights and notifying you along the way.

Grow on the go.

Automated light cycles, environmental controls and watering give you the freedom to leave home for up to two weeks knowing your plant will be cared for while you're away.

Remotely check-in via tha reef app to view your grow's progress.

HomeGrow Specs

Tech Features




Water Level

Ultrasonic Plant Height

Soil Sensors

Grow Technology

DImmable LED Growlight

8 Fan Natural Airflow System

High drip rate irrigation

Privacy Features

Motorized Light Blocking Shade

Fail-Safe Door Lock

Odor Eliminating Carbon Exhaust Filter

Build Quality

3/4" High-Grade Plywood Frame

Powder-Coated Aluminum Metal

High Tint Tempered Glass

Mobile App

Monitor From Anywhere

Push Notifications for Key Updates

Grow Analytics

User Guides and Walkthrough

Cloud Connectivity

IoT over-the-air updates

Privacy: Protected user data security

Tech Specs

LED Growlight

100 Watts

Full Spectrum - Samsung LM281B+ LEDs

3500K, 5000K, 660nm and 730nm Spectrum Diodes


Soil System

3 Gallon Soil Basin

reef Super Soil Blend

Irrigation System

110mL/min Flow Rate

5W Power Draw - Geared Peristaltic Pump

Consistent pressure and flow rate to evenly distribute moisture

Product Dimensions

Height: 60"

Width: 21"

Depth: 17.5"

Weight: 95 lbs

Energy Consumption

350W Peak Draw

200W Avg Consumption

Reserve your HomeGrow today.

For $99 you can reserve your spot on our limited pre-order list.
Our first batch of pre-orders are scheduled to ship Q1 of 2022.

For $99 you can reserve your spot on our limited pre-order list. Our first batch of pre-orders are scheduled to ship Q1 of 2022.